What Is Mohs Surgery?

Mohs surgery is a procedure specifically used to treat skin cancer. With skin cancer, rather than being referred to an oncologist for chemotherapy or radiation in cases where it hasn't spread internally, the first course of treatment is surgery. This can be provided by Dr. Veronica Rutt of Zaladonis Dermatology Associates, serving Bethlehem, PA, and the nearby region.

General Information 

Unlike other skin cancer removal procedures, the goal of Mohs is to remove as little skin as possible while ensuring the abnormal cells are removed completely. Our Bethlehem, PA, doctors do this by removing thin layers of the affected tissue at a time and carefully monitoring the results as layers of skin are being removed. Fortunately, this procedure is given on an outpatient basis and rarely requires an overnight hospital stay. It's minimally invasive and only requires the use of a local anesthetic. 

Benefits of Mohs Surgery 

When you and your dermatologist are deciding on the appropriate treatment for your skin cancer, it's important to know that Mohs isn't as invasive as traditional skin cancer removal surgeries. Since it's such a precise surgery, it's easier to remove all the affected cells while harming fewer unaffected ones. By targeting a specific area like this, you're more likely to have all the cancer removed without the need for future surgeries or other interventions. 

Moreover, since it's given on an outpatient basis and is less invasive, the recovery time is less than other skin cancer surgeries. 

Cancers Treated With Mohs Surgery 

Mohs surgery is used to treat the common types of skin cancer, such as squamous cell carcinomas and basal cell carcinomas. Mohs is particularly beneficial if your cancer is likely to recur or has already recurred after treatment. We often recommend it when removing cancer around sensitive areas to preserve as much of the skin as possible, like on your face or genitals. It's also recommended you have Mohs if the mass has difficult-to-define borders or is aggressive or large. 

Risks of Mohs Surgery 

There are risks to this procedure, such as pain, tenderness, bleeding, and infection. Other less common side effects include:

We take every step possible to minimize side effects, though. 

If you're suffering from skin cancer, Dr. Rutt of Zaladonis of Zaladonis Dermatology Associates in Bethlehem, PA, can use Mohs surgery to help. We offer the latest surgical procedures, like Mohs, that are less intense and cause fewer issues.

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