Types of Skin Cancer

At Zaladonis Dermatology Associates, we can help with a variety of dermatological conditions that can seriously impact your overall health. For example, if you’re experiencing one of the many types of skin cancer in Bethlehem, PA, it’s critical to get help right away. If you’re not certain, read on to learn more about the different varieties. This should help you gauge your potential risk.

Basal Cell Carcinoma

BCC is the most common type of cancer of the skin and occurs in people of all races and genders. Though most common in people with fair skin, it can develop in anybody. Usually, it causes a flesh-colored growth, bump, or patch after years of outdoor exposure or tanning. Early diagnosis and treatment are important because this cancer can be quite deep. 

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

SCC is the second-most-common skin cancer in Bethlehem, PA, and is a red, firm bump, scaly patch, or sore. This sore might heal and reopen multiple times. It typically appears on the ears, face, neck, arms, chest, and back and can grow quite deep if left unchecked. Early and aggressive treatments can mitigate its spread and ensure that you minimize your damage. 


As the most aggressive and serious type of cancer, it typically develops suddenly in a mole or a new dark spot and can spread very fast. The moment you notice a mole changing on your skin or feel like a new one developed, get it removed and tested. Doing so could mean the difference between stopping it in time or watching it spread rampantly. 

Other Rarer Types

Rare cancer types on the skin include the following three potential problems:

  • Dermatofibrosarcoma Protuberans (DFSP): This relatively rare cancer starts in the dermis, the skin’s middle layer, and grows slowly. That means it rarely spreads but can grow into the fat, muscle, and bone and cause more long-term complications.
  • Merkel Cell Carcinoma: Though once almost non-existent, this still-rare cancer is getting more common and typically affects people with fair skin who didn’t protect their skin from the sun. Unfortunately, it is often quite aggressive.
  • Sebaceous Carcinoma: Typically, this rare cancer develops on an eyelid and can spread to the upper or lower eyelid and can even grow inward to affect the eye and other parts of the body. It is aggressive and must be treated ASAP to avoid health problems.

Help is Critical for These Severe Cancer Types

Our crew at Zaladonis Dermatology Associates can help you manage skin cancer in Bethlehem, PA, and keep you healthy and safe. Please contact us at (610) 868-3150 if you have any questions, and we’ll make sure to provide the high-quality support and assistance that you need.

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